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Mehrsprachiges Demographisches Wörterbuch (zweite Ausgabe 1987)

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This category lists the pages which were not coherent with the 1987-standard but now are.

The 1987 standard corresponds to the German section of the multilingual dictionary published in 1987. The German section of the dictionary has been published 2 years after the Spanish (1985), 5 years after the English (1982) and 6 years after than the French (1981). Some words, sentences or even paragraphs have been added in the German section.

  • The German "standard" corresponds to a natural harmonization between all languages of the second edition. Other language specific sections of this second edition published after 1987, like Arabic 1988, Estonian 1993, Japanese 1994, Czech 2005, haven't add newer terms; they even have not used the German terms but translated the set of text terms used either by the French, English or even Spanish editions.

The French, English and Spanish second editions are even not completely coherent and errors and omissions exist.

Our main current goal is to obtain a complete harmonization of all the second editions and the proposed harmonization corresponds to the 1987-standard.

An appropriate computer program has detected all the missing text terms in any language specific section and reported them in the corresponding 'Talk page' of these faulty pages ([10], [11], ..., [93]). A template named 'missing German term' has been added for each missing term {{missing German term|page|section|section-note}}, for example:

* {{missing German term|10|104|104-7|GermanNewTextTerm=Bevölkerungsgeographie}}

When a page has been checked and once translation is proposed and double checked, the page can be automatically moved to this category by changing the name of the template from 'missing German term' to 'translated German term' or 'untranslatable German term'.

Most German new text terms can be translated into your language but if the translated terminology is not used in your language, don't translate them. The aim of a dictionary is not to impose a terminology.

Please comment your decision in the talk page, preferably in your own language. If you think that your decision could help other demographers in other languages, please add your comment in the English talk page. And use the links of the box to jump easily between language specific pages and talk pages.

Remark: A page belongs to this category only if at least one missing term of this page has been checked (translated or untranslatable) by somebody. If all missing terms of a page have been translated and double checked, the template To be checked must be suppressed. The category Category:To be checked gives a résumé of the work done and to be done.


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